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all hell breaks loose

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The 4th of July, its the day that people put American flags outside their homes expecting a visit from Captain America who arrives in a sleigh powered by eight bald eagles giving fireworks, who then goes and has his birthday party.

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SDCC14- Supernatural Panel
If your characters had dating profiles what would they say?

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dean and sam + looking at each other
↳ Hook Man

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Alright, to start off obviously I am a huge fan of Misha Collins. Spending two seconds on my blog will inform you of that. Secondly, as a general rule, I don’t get into the arguments within the fandom – whomever they may regard – simply because it takes a lot of energy and I know how emotionally invested I get in everything so for my own sanity I just blog what I love and ignore what I don’t. In spite of that, I actually do appreciate and even welcome respectful, reasoned debate about the things that I love. I’m not naïve enough to expect every person on the planet, or even on Tumblr, thinks the way that I do or loves the things that I do. So when this post was brought to my attention, I gave it a read. And I have some thoughts. Now I am going to endeavor to be as polite and respectful as possible. In some parts this will be very easy as I do actually agree with a couple of points; however, I wholly disagree with others and yet others I find to be unfounded or based on things that untrue.

“I feel like Misha doesn’t have a filter,”

You’re absolutely correct. He does not. While I can fully understand how this could rub people the wrong way (and even offend some), for many of us that love Misha, it’s one of the qualities that draw us to him. Part of the reasoning behind that could be that some of us wish we had the guts to just say whatever we think. Some of us may just find it hilarious, as our sense of humor aligns with his. Is it a bit unprofessional? Possibly. But we’re not talking about the CEO of a major corporation, or an attorney, or a doctor here. He’s an actor. On a show that appeals to a demographic that is not particularly known for its manners. His public persona is combination of his own personality and a reflection of the audience that he caters to.

“Like when he encouraged those two complete strangers that were cosplaying Dean and Cas to kiss onstange,”

Ok, I’m going to have to stop you there. I’m not sure if you’re referencing this incident based on having viewed the footage (or having been in attendance) or by hearsay, but that is not how that went down. During a Castiel cosplay contest, the various Castiel’s were describing which Cas they were representing. When one claimed he was “Destiel Castiel,” Misha feigned ignorance regarding the term “Destiel” and asked what it meant. The cosplayer replied “Give me a Dean and I’ll show you.” At this point Misha called for a volunteer that was dressed as Dean. I’m gonna say that important word again — volunteer. The young lady dressed as Dean went up on stage of her own free will – one can make an educated assumption that she was familiar with the term Destiel – exchanged a few words with the “Cas” and then they kissed. Misha at no point “encouraged those two complete strangers … to kiss on stage.”

“He just never gets hate for things he says or does” “No one calls him out on it”

While I imagine this is not completely true (you’re calling him out on many things in this post) I do agree that as a fandom we may tend to gloss over many things when it comes to Misha. I don’t think it’s right, but I do see it happen. There have been times that I have not agreed with something Misha has said or found it to be inappropriate. Did I “call him out” on it? Can’t say that I did, but then again I also haven’t gone after Jared or Jensen publicly when I’ve disagreed with things that they’ve said. (See original statement about not really getting into the arguments.) I do think that we as fans should speak out when celebrities cross major lines and that we should not just blindly follow and accept everything they say and do. We should also recognize that these are human beings and will say things sometimes that maybe shouldn’t be said. We all do, most of us are just blessed to not have microphones attached to us when it happens.

I’m not really going to go into the whole Jared getting attacked way more than Misha point because it’s basically true. Even though I am by no means Jared’s biggest fan, I don’t understand the constant hate that gets thrown his way. People need to chill out and realize that he has a right to say whatever he wants and in turn they have a right to be offended by it and just go on about their lives. In another point of agreement, Jared did not say anything inherently wrong or offensive at the Nerd HQ panel on Sunday.

“Jensen basically saying Destiel will never happen (because it won’t and he was just being honest) …and him getting called homophobic.”

We agree yet again. I do have a couple of issues with how Jensen has handled some questions in the past. I’m sorry, barreling over the young lady at NJCon who was asking about the possible interpretation of Dean’s character as bi – because she herself was bi and could see similarities – was not cool in my book. He completely cut off her question, which was being asked in a respectful manner and didn’t even specifically have to with Destiel, and accused her of “ruining it for everyone.” I thought this was rude, disrespectful and uncalled for. However, this does NOT make him a homophobe. I don’t know why he responded like that on this particular occasion as he has handled other sensitive questions much more diplomatically. But the amount of chaos and vitriol and hate that Jensen receives for his opinion on Destiel is ridiculous.

“…it seems like Misha overshadows everyone else in the cast.”

Being a fan of Misha more so than I am of Jared or Jensen individually makes me want to disagree here. I feel that Jared and Jensen very much maintain the spotlight at events even when Misha is present. This could be bias from my side as I can never get too much Misha. But to speak to your point of view I must reference a great article that was published after SDCC as I can’t say it any better:

“It’s as simple as that: Misha Collins gets fandom. He is known by the Supernatural fans as a very humble down-to-Earth person who engages with his fans on a regular basis both online and in real life. Many people have been touched by his words, his crazy ways and his general attitude towards life. He invites people to join his lifestyle with great projects such as GISHWHES and Random Acts. But that’s not all, Misha is also very well educated on fandom and he knows how to treat fans on sensitive topics such as slash shipping.”

And that’s the gist of it. We respond to him so fervently because he gets us. Jared and Jensen are great. We love them. But they are much more…unattainable. They’re separate. I can’t really explain it without coming off like I’m accusing them of thinking they’re better than us, because I don’t think that at all.

“…the only reason Cas has stayed on the show as long as he has is because the fans like him.”

You got me there. I agree. It pains me to say it, because I’m one of the fans that loves him and wants him to continue to be a part of the show, but I see where they stretch to fit him in. I see where they twist him and frankly make horrible choices in regards to his character in order to keep him around. But this issue is more for the producers and the writers; it can’t really be put on Misha. He shows up and does his job. That the fans like him is due in large part to his public persona. But the fact that we have latched on to him and his character and in order to appease us the writers keep him on, often at cost to the character, is not lost on all of us.

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misha yes

Misha gets it.

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Destiel +staring

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Misha at Comic Con 2014 [x]
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“I like Elvis,” he grinned, and he felt crazy and reckless as he did so. Dean dipped down and kissed him as gently as Cas had ever been kissed in his life, and Cas curled towards him.[x]

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“I remember calling Jared after I watched the pilot again, and he hadn’t even come up to Vancouver yet since he was still on his hiatus, and I’m like, ‘Hey man, I watched the pilot last night, and it still holds up! Good job man, I’m just calling to pat you on the back.’ He was like, ‘Aw, thanks!’ And then I was like, ‘Now get your a** up here and let’s shoot.’” ——Jensen Ackles



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