episode nineteen and a half: castiel’s newfound followers are bored with moving from motel to motel and working on locating metatron and also with watching castiel write and delete text messages to dean winchester without sending them. “we want to do something,” they tell him….

awkward-fallen-angel replied to your post: whoops there it is

Did you see sam’s face… Sam looked like he peed himself!

i think thats an understatement heather i mean damn dean is getting back into the torturer of hell mindset idk if its because of the mark of cain or something just triggered it but damn i would be lying if said i wasnt scared

so im really cautious about the spinoff but damn next weeks episode looks so freaking good

so wait is jody adopting her or..

jody bby

dean you are getting real scary

whoops there it is

you think momma knows best but she doesn’t

let her go let her go don’t hold back anymoooooore!!

no nonon non nonon nononoononon nonoonononnonoon

momma jody is the best 

oh jody bby

if jody doesn’t get to meet cas before she dies ill be pissed

and who thought it was a good idea to leave cas out of this episoe