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a small town southern girl at heart. my google voice number is 1-405-237-8373 if you ever want to text me!


photography, film making, tea, and the smell of books.

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mainly supernatural with the occasional doctor who, night vale, harry potter, and various other things. im a multishipper but my two main ships are destiel and wincest



we are not ourselves by matthew thomas


doctor who season 8
jericho season 1
charmed season 1
heartland season 8

Profound Radio was founded in February 2013 and aired it’s first broadcast on the 18th of February. It started out as a small fan project run by three people, Mapal, Silven and Shannon. It proved to be quite popular and the audience streadily grew from the first broadcast. Profound Radio began as a canon Destiel supporting show but it also focuses on other things relating to Supernatural.

Each week features discussions on the latest episodes, the upcoming episodes and current fandom issues. The show is a mixture of spoken meta and the average fan chat, along with speculation and fanfiction (and the odd crying/screaming session).

Profound Radio tries to have guests on regularly to bring new discussion to the show. So far it has brought on people such as Carolyn Chrisman (Osric Chau’s roommate) and Jen (riseofthefallenone, the author of Out of the Deep).

The show is always on the lookout for more people to come on and express their thoughts and ideas. They welcome fanfic writers, fanartists, fanvideo makers, meta writers and those with an opinion they would like to talk about.


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